Q&A with a Grover: Sommer Ugi ’17



Grove City College has roughly 2500 students on campus, each of whom has come from a different background and has a different story to tell.  The series on Bridging the Gap, “Q/A with a Grover,” is aimed at letting you hear some of the unique experiences that have shaped our students.

Sommer Ugi, a former home-school student from Marietta, GA, is in her junior year at Grove City College and expects to graduate in May 2017 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology.


Q: What is your favorite organization/club/extracurricular activity on campus to participate in?

A: IM [Intramural] Sports! I absolutely love playing sports and I appreciate that Grove City offers such a huge variety of IMs for me to participate in. For me, it is a great way to take a break from studying, stay active and healthy, and just a great stress reliever.


Q: What made Grove City College your top choice?

A: Originally, Grove City was not my top choice at all. I never had any intention of coming to Grove City college – I didn’t want to attend a Christian school because I was afraid I wouldn’t be challenged in my beliefs or perspectives. But during my tour and interview I was able to witness and experience an incredible sense of community on campus that I wanted to be a part of. I left knowing that it was the only college I wanted to attend. It was the only school I applied to. And even in my second semester of junior year I consider it one of the best decisions of my life.


Q: Is Grove City College everything you expected it to be?

A: Yes and no. I had heard a lot about the school from friends and relatives who had attended it in years past, so I think I had some pretty accurate expectations. But of course, coming here and actually experiencing life as a Grover and getting to be a part of this amazing community has certainly affected me in unexpected ways.


Q: Was there someone or something that helped you transition here?

A: My cousin and some high school friends already attended Grove City when I came here as a freshman. They were awesome in helping me transition. They really reached out to me and were supportive and reassuring and made me feel welcomed and comfortable.


Q: Is there a chapel speaker that sticks out in your mind? What was the topic?

A: Dannah Gresh always does a good job. I also like hearing from different students returning from missions trips.  Editor’s Note: Dannah Gresh is a Christian author and public speaker probably best known for her book And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity.  She has been a speaker in Grove City College’s Harbison Chapel several times.


Q: Where is your favorite place to do homework?

A: Ket Rec. I do most of my studying at night, so I appreciate that it is open 24/7. I also like to have a little noise when I study – not music, but just sound, so I struggle to study in the library which is too quiet. Plus it has these great booths that are perfect for studying by myself or with a group.  Editor’s Note: Ket Rec is the shortened name for Ketler Recreation which is a co-ed lobby/common area connected to Isaac C. Ketler Hall, an upperclassmen male residence hall.


Q: If you could give a high school junior or senior one piece of advice about searching for and applying to colleges, what would it be?

A: Look for quality over quantity. When I was looking at schools I got so many invitations and information letters from so many different schools that I felt like I put a lot of stress on myself trying to narrow down my choice.

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