“Oh the Places You’ll Go….”: Studying Abroad with Grove City College


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Oh! The Places you’ll go!

You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

Dr. Seuss, Oh! The Places You’ll Go!


Why Study Abroad?

When I was a student at Grove City College, I had the opportunity to study abroad twice: both times were over intersession terms and lasted about two weeks. One trip was to Italy and Tunisia, the other was to Ecuador and specifically, the Galapagos Islands. I still look on these times, six or seven years ago, as very impactful personally but also academically. Standing where authors penned or spoke of momentous events or sights is unexplainable. In an increasingly global economy and inter-connected society, having the exposure to international experiences will only help your career!

Grove City’s Office of International Education has compiled a list of study abroad benefits, some of which include:

  • Giving your resume a boost
  • Gaining cross-cultural communication skills
  • Engaging in new ideas and cultural heritages

But…what about money? Graduating on time? Not fitting with my major? Read this article addressing the top myths about studying abroad.


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Questions to ask on a College Visit

If you are interested in studying abroad in college, here are some questions you should ask when you are visiting colleges, talking to admissions counselors or meeting with a study abroad office:

  • Are there set or established study abroad locations or can I pick any program/country I want?
  • When is the best or most common semester to study abroad at your institution?
  • Will I get assistance in finding courses to take so as not to set me behind on graduating? Or, is it common that students who study abroad at your institution graduate a semester (or more) later?
  • Are scholarships or financial aid available for studying abroad?
  • Will I be guaranteed housing once I return from my semester abroad?
  • What services and preparation are available to me to ready myself culturally, financially and intellectually for an overseas experience?
  • Do you offer any study abroad options that aren’t a full semester?
  • Does you assist students in applying for visas, and managing other paperwork?


Opportunities at Grove City College

Our Office of International Education provides in-depth support and preparation tools, including passport and visa services/support, language learning software, assistance with forms and finding an agency or international program. Many students, will opt to do shorter faculty-led trips, like the ones I did, but many students also travel abroad for an entire semester or summer term.

Grove City has four sponsored programs in France, Chile, South Korea and Italy but the places you can go are virtually limitless!

Additionally, some of the shorter-length faculty-led trips are taking students to Chinese provinces, Greece, and Wales, to name a few places. View the complete list of May 2017 destinations here.


Want to hear from current or recently graduated students about why they journeyed overseas for a semester? We have a library of video interviews you can view at the bottom of THIS PAGE. Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia are some of the places that these students lived! You can also see recipes and testimonials in the Office’s Monthly Newsletters HERE.

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