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Stained glass of the Nativity in Ainay Basilica, Lyon, Rhone, France, Europe

A Pause for the Birth of Christ

Hello!  Thank you for visiting Bridging the Gap, we’re glad you are here.  Please accept our warmest Christmas greetings.  We hope that tidings of great joy find you this time of year as we celebrate the birth of Christ.  As you spend time with those whom you love, we pray that you remember to find […]

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Christmas service

Christmas in Grove City: It’s a BIG Deal

There may not be snow on the ground and students may have visions of finals rather than sugarplums dancing through their heads, but one step on campus and you can’t deny that Christmas is here. Just try walking five steps without encountering something wrapped in twinkling lights and adorned with red bow. You can’t. Every […]

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A Lesson in Carols

As you scramble through malls and stores to find gifts for all your loved ones, drive to the tree farm to cut down your Christmas tree, decorate sugar cookies with your siblings, and tie bows and garland all over your house, the one thing that accompanies all of these activities is the background buzz of […]

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Final Exams: Maximizing Study Day

  As referenced in an earlier post titled, “Finals Week: Campus Resources to Help Show Your Finals Who’s Boss,” Study Day is one of the more bittersweet days at Grove City College. A day completely dedicated to studying for final exams, it is a gift that should not be taken for granted, but it also marks […]

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Final Exams: Campus Resources to Help Show Your Finals Who’s Boss

Here at Grove City College, our faculty and administration understand and highly emphasize the significance of providing their students with many different tools for success. During Finals week, we receive specialized forms of Academic Assistance and utilize some of the more pertinent resources at our disposal as college students. Study Day is one of the […]

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