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Value: A Faith and Freedom Kind of Thing

I’ve always described Grove City College as an “overtly Christian” school.  We integrate our faith into the classroom and allow it to be the undercurrent to everything we do on campus.  The faculty, staff, and students see faith as the most important part of our lives and the Bible as the foundation of Truth.  Check […]

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Will my credits transfer?

“Will my credits transfer?”  As either a transfer student or a high school student who has taken college level courses in high school, this may be a question you have wondered!  It is certainly one of the more common questions that we hear in the Admissions Office. At Grove City College, the answer to this […]

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Alumni Connections: Introducing Jason

Since 2003, Jason Burtt has served as the National Director/Senior Vice President for the Silver Ring Thing (SRT), launching and coordinating most of the major initiatives and projects of the organization.  Under Jason’s leadership, SRT has grown from a local ministry based in Pittsburgh, PA to a leading voice on the national stage in matters […]

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Q&A with a Grover: Emily Owen ’16

Grove City College has roughly 2500 students on campus, each of whom has come from a different background and has a different story to tell.  The series on Bridging the Gap, “Q/A with a Grover,” is aimed at letting you hear some of the unique experiences that have shaped our students.   Emily Owen, a former […]

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Are You Paying for Your Roommate’s Tuition?

For many college students, the answer to that question is “yes,” thanks in part to a now-standard practice that contributes to rising tuition bills and crushing student debt. The Wall Street Journal exposed this practice where colleges and universities in the United States have incorporated subsidies that pay for scholarships and discounts for some students […]

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