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Alumni Connections: Introducing Gret

  I graduated in 2012, and immediately started working at Enterprise. After a year, I had enough of the typical desk job, and moved to Malawi, Africa. Since moving, 3 years ago, I’ve started an organization that builds houses for orphans and widows called HOWMs, I’ve fundraised $100,000 for an all girls school in a […]

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Home is Where the Campus is

Game of Thrones and House of Cards fans can step aside because I am convinced that House Hunters is the most dramatic, heart-palpitating television show out there—after all, the couples choosing a house are making a huge decision. But there is a reason we don’t have reality shows about people making just any life decision, […]

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The Homeschool Applicant: FAQs

If you are a homeschooled student, this post is for you! In this post, you will find some frequently asked questions (and answers) from homeschooled families and some additional tips and insight from an admissions perspective. We understand that no two homeschoolers are alike and that the setting/schooling format even within “homeschooling” varies greatly! Homeschoolers […]

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Is Early Decision for me?

Grove City College is among 15% of colleges and universities nationally that offer early decision as an option for admission. It’s important to understand the difference you will encounter when you apply to Grove City College vs. most other colleges that do not offer a decision date-based admissions process. Schools like Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, […]

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5 Tips to Owning a College Fair

If you’ve ever been to a college fair, you know it can be a little overwhelming. There are dozens, sometimes over 100, schools to choose from. You weave through isles of tables with representatives staring you down, hoping you’ll stop and ask questions. Brightly colored signs, banners and booklets with words like “discover” and “opportunity” […]

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