Is Early Decision for me?

Grove City College is among 15% of colleges and universities nationally that offer early decision as an option for admission. It’s important to understand the difference you will encounter when you apply to Grove City College vs. most other colleges that do not offer a decision date-based admissions process. Schools like Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Hillsdale College, University of Chicago, and Grove City College have specific application deadlines and dates when they reply to applicants. These schools have Early Decision and Regular Decision deadlines.

As you determine if Early Decision is the best choice for you, we wanted to share the ins and outs of this binding application option and offer some tips to help you navigate the application process.*

What is Early Decision?

Early Decision is an application option that indicates to a college or university that an applicant considers the school to be his or her top choice and is ready to commit to the school if accepted. Choosing early decision involves:

  1. Applying early and signing off on an agreement that you understand the binding decision you are about to make.
  2. Receiving an admissions decision from the college well in advance of the regular notification date.
  3. Committing to attend the college by paying a non-refundable enrollment deposit by the ED deposit deadline, if accepted.
  4. Withdrawing applications from all other schools and refraining from applying to any additional schools, if accepted.

Who should apply Early Decision to Grove City College?

You should apply Early Decision if you:

  • Have researched colleges extensively.
  • Are absolutely sure that Grove City College is your first choice. Please note: You should only apply Early Decision to one school.
  • Have found that Grove City is a strong match academically, socially, spiritually, and geographically.
  • Meet or exceed Grove City’s admission standards.
  • Have an academic record that has been consistently solid throughout high school.

What are the benefits of applying Early Decision to Grove City College?

As an Early Decision applicant, you will:

  • Get an early answer about your admission status, reducing stress and wait time.
  • Enjoy more time, once accepted, to prepare for life at Grove City.
  • Have a potential advantage over the competition, if you meet the College’s admissions standards, as more students will typically apply Regular Decision.
  • Receive the same scholarship and need-based financial aid consideration as Regular Decision applicants.
  • Be able to reassess your options and apply elsewhere if you are not accepted.

What are Grove City College’s dates for Early Decision?

 Early Decision I:

Application deadline: Nov. 1
Notification date: Dec. 15
Deposit deadline: Jan. 15

Early Decision II:

Application deadline: Dec. 1
Notification date: Jan. 15
Deposit deadline: Feb. 15

Intentional, deadline-driven selection process

As you weigh your options, keep in mind that Grove City College is intentional about shaping our student body through a thoughtful, deadline-driven selection process. Unlike rolling decision schools that provide students with quick decisions, Grove City crafts every incoming class with a focus on application quality and holistic fit — demonstrating genuine interest in the student and his/her potential to succeed at Grove City College.

If you are prepared to make a binding commitment to Grove City College as your first-choice school, we encourage you to apply via Early Decision. You should not apply ED unless you fully expect to accept an admission offer from Grove City College. We as an institution take this very seriously, as we traditionally accept half of our freshman class through the Early Decision process.

If you apply to Grove City College under ED, you should not apply to any other institutions through their Early Decision programs, although you may submit applications to other schools under early action, regular decision, or rolling admission. Upon acceptance to Grove City College through ED, you must agree to withdraw applications to all other institutions and submit no additional applications.

Start the financial aid process early

If you require a financial aid estimate, be sure to start the conversation as soon as possible to ensure that you can make an informed, confident decision by January 15 or February 15.

When will you be notified?

Your admissions decision will be mailed from the College on Dec. 15 (Early Decision I) or Jan. 15 (Early Decision II), whereas Regular Decision I applicants will be notified of their admission status on Feb. 20 and Regular Decision II on April 15.


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