Digging for Treasure: More Outside Scholarship Resources

Photo Credit It doesn’t take much google-ing to recognize the main two sought-after categories of college financial assistance: merit-based aid and need-based aid. However, Grove City College students are well versed in acquiring college funding from a third means: outside scholarships. What are “outside scholarships”? Outside scholarships describe a category of aid provided by private […]

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Transfer GCC

Transfer Process 101

We recognize that every transfer student has a different story and is in a different place in the transfer process. Because of this, our transfer application and the below steps can be done in any order. Start where you are at! Any of these steps will let us know that you are interested in transferring […]

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bible reading

The Power of Peer Effect

In high school, I was a straight-A slacker. These two things sound like an oxymoron (how can you be both a slacker and get straight As?), but hear me out. I took numerous AP classes, had perfect attendance, and had above a 4.0 GPA, but I didn’t really understand the true purpose of my education. […]

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seo-rank-boost pic

Rankings: Not the End-All-Be-All

As humans, we love to rank things.  Anytime I plan to buy something important I always do a Google search that goes something like this…”Top 10 *insert item* brands”.  Then I spend countless hours stressing over expert reviews compared to customer reviews trying to find out which brand I’m going to spend my hard earned […]

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