Shaun Gendrue ’13



Admissions Counselor


Let me start by saying that I am excited that you are considering spending the next four years at this fine institution. Grove City College is a fantastic place to live and learn that has shaped the minds and hearts of students and employees for many years.

My four years as a student here at Grove City College instilled in me a passion for both the school and higher education and I am extremely excited to be able to assist others in exploring their post-secondary educational options. As a student, I was blessed with great relationships with my classmates and professors alike.  These relationships form the core of my passion for Grove City College and are a major reason I made the decision to return as a staff member. Of course, my relationships formed the core but wrapped around those are the quality of the education that I am confident I received.

Now that I have returned to the College as a staff member, I am still blessed by the community and camaraderie I experience with my coworkers and the students. My experiences here as a student and staff member are a testament to the Christian faith permeating the community and the classroom. My life has been impacted in such a way that I cannot help but do my best to assist others in achieving the same result: A degree from Grove City College.

As you begin and continue to walk the path of “the college search” I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Know that I am available to answer any questions about Grove City College or the college search in general; so please do not hesitate to ask!  Want to see what I’ve posted?  Click HERE.


About Me:

First and foremost, I am a Christ-follower. Following that, I am many things including an older brother of three younger sisters, officer in the NY Army National Guard, and son of two loving parents. I spent a lot of time looking at several different colleges and universities but I chose Grove City College for the same three reasons that the College prides itself on: Faith, Academics, and Affordability. Several years later, I can say without a doubt it was the best decision of my life.

I grew up with two dogs: Teddy and Rocky (I love dogs). I love all sports from Buffalo and consider myself a die-hard fan (sadly, I have died very hard over the past several seasons). I enjoy playing all sports. Lastly, I prefer the Oxford Comma.



Gasport, NY


Favorite Sports Teams:

As mentioned above, I love all sports from Buffalo including but not limited to: the Bills, Sabres, Bisons, Bandits, and Blitzers.  I also currently root for the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB affiliate of the Buffalo Bisons), Los Angeles Clippers (formally the Buffalo Braves), Colorado Rapids, and West Ham United FC.



Reading, kayaking, hiking, camping, bonsai, swing/Latin dancing, collecting model ships, and whistling.

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