Defining Grover Terms

Grover– What is a Grover? A “Grover” isn’t simply a student who attends or attended Grove City College. Oh no, my friend. The term Grover is something you simultaneously want and don’t want to be called. With fellow students the term Grover is usually used in tandem with rolling eyes to describe a person with a Type A personality who has likely gone above and beyond the status quo on even the simplest assignment. The term is also interchangeable with “Grover achiever”. Outside of your peer group, however, the term is often a high compliment meaning that the student is smart, engaging and does an excellent job at whatever he/she does.


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Gee–short for Gedunk. This is the name of the cafe in the student union where the beloved chicken tender wrap can be found. This is your go-to spot for coffee, grab-and-go meals, and the biggest chocolate chip pancakes you’ll ever eat.






SAC (pronounced like sack)–The Breen Student Union used to be called the Student Activities Center, which students shortened to SAC. For some reason the change in name didn’t stick, and most students still call it the SAC. The Breen family gave a generous donation for this building to exist, so the building was named in honor of them.




HAL (pronounced like pal but with an h)–stands for the Hall of Arts and Letters. This is the one academic building that you are guaranteed to have at least one class in. Most humanities classes are in this building. Just pray that you don’t get a schedule of classes that are all on the third floor like I did one semester. 8:00 a.m. is not a good time for mountain climbing.




Creeking–a GCC ritual, celebrated by engaged couples and their friends, in which the guy is captured and hauled down to Wolf Creek while the couple’s friends chant “Wolf Creek! Wolf Creek! Wolf Creek!” He is then tossed into the waters while his fiancé waits on the bank, towels in hand, to rescue her soggy soon-to-be-groom.




Intervis–shortened term for “Intervisitation” which is the time on weekends and Wednesday evenings when you can visit rooms of the opposite sex. When the clock strikes midnight, be prepared for a mass exodus of boys and girls returning their single-sex rooms!


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Sherry’s omelets–Sherry is an angel from the gates of heaven. She is a Bon Appétit employee who became famous for her amazing omelets. Unfortunately, Sherry flipped one too many omelets and had to take some time off to let her wrist heal (true story). Not to worry though! She seems to have passed down her flip-and-fold knowledge to the next generation of omelet makers. On any given morning, you will find the line in MAP cafeteria at least 15 deep with people waiting for these golden treats. Grover tip: get there early! You may have to sacrifice a few minutes of shut-eye but trust me, you won’t be sorry when you taste one of those bad boys!




“ring by spring”–a strange phenomenon you will encounter at most Christian colleges is that couples will often get engaged during their senior year. We call this the “ring by spring” phenomenon.





“shoe in the door”–during Intervis students have to keep their doors open four inches. Conveniently, the width of a shoe is typically around four inches, so most people prop their door open with a shoe. A piece of advice: if you’re known to have smelly feet, don’t volunteer your shoe. It may sound like common sense to some, but I can’t tell you how many times I had to breathe through my mouth when visiting a friend’s room!





The poop loop–for you runners out there, the poop loop is a popular route for that post-class workout. The trail got this name because it wraps around a sanitation factory, but no need to worry, it only smells bad about….15% of the time.


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brother/sister hall–every freshman hall is paired with another hall of the opposite sex. A popular GCC tradition within the first few weeks of school is for the brother halls to sing to their sister hall. The guys will gather outside of the windows of their sister hall around 9 or 10 p.m. and serenade them before they go to sleep.


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