Alumni Connections: Introducing Andrew

With approximately 2,500 students on campus, Grove City College attracts individuals from a wide variety of educational backgrounds.  Meet Andrew McIndoe – a 2010 graduate who was a student of Classical Conversations prior to attending Grove City College!


My Classical Conversations and Grove City College Experiences – Andrew McIndoe ’10

Classical Conversations and Grove City College gave me a one-two knockout punch that set a foundation of critical thinking and leadership that has blessed me beyond belief. Today, I serve as senior advisor for strategy for The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Both academic experiences emphasized the importance of learning “how” to think instead “what” to think. The emphasis on logic, debate, public speaking, clear reasoning, research, writing and communicating prepared me to walk confidently in to any classroom, conversation, situation or team and excel.

I am thankful for an education experience that was, in many respects, “customizable” and personal. Classical education is ideally suited to fit a student’s natural learning style and both Classical Conversations and Grove City College recognize this. I developed relationships with tutors and professors that truly cared about my education and well-being. They stretched me intellectually in the classroom and gave me the skills necessary to be successful outside the classroom.

If people are looking for a Christian liberal arts and classical approach to education that provides a world-class, well-rounded curriculum that helps students see the broad intellectual landscape of ideas, people and events that have shaped, and continue to shape, our world, then Classical Conversations and Grove City College are for you.

Bio: Andrew McIndoe ’10

Senior Advisor for Strategy at The Heritage Foundation

Andrew McIndoe was born and raised in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. He graduated cum laude with high honors from Grove City College with a degree in Political Science and minor in Entrepreneurship. Among other activities, Andrew served as student body president for two years, was a student fellow with Grove City College’s Center for Vision & Values for two years, he interned for the Young America’s Foundation as well as the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C. as founder Morton Blackwell’s personal assistant. In his current role, Andrew is the lead strategist for mid and long term planning in major gifts at The Heritage Foundation. This includes aligning the staffing structure, incentives plan, events strategy, and message development with Heritage’s long term fundraising goal of successfully completing its $750 million Reclaim America campaign.

Andrew formerly served as the Development Director for Heritage Action for America (501c4) where he helped grow the organization from $4 million annually to over $10 million. He is a graduate of the Charles G. Koch Associate Program during which he was a Development Associate at The Fund for American Studies before moving on to the Bill of Rights Institute as Development Director. Additionally, Andrew completed internships at the Leadership Institute and the Young America’s Foundation Reagan Ranch Center before spending the summer of 2009 as a development intern at The Heritage Foundation. He currently resides on Capitol Hill with his wife, Haley.

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