Theatre at Grove City: An Actor’s Tale


I auditioned, I got a callback…and then I was cut. At the time, I was emotionally devastated knowing that I couldn’t be a part of Guys and Dolls, the fall musical my freshman year. I questioned my talents, my love for theatre, and what I would do in my free time. If I couldn’t be in a show, was it because I wasn’t talented enough? How could I be involved with theatre if I couldn’t act? I didn’t know. I quickly learned, however, that the Grove City College Theatre department was an accepting and loving one.

I spent the first three months of my freshman year getting to know the college’s theatre technicians, who quickly took me under their wing and helped me to channel my love for the performing arts into backstage work. I found myself sanding down flats, painting the “HOT BOX” sign for Adelaide’s dancers, and using a power drill—which was a big deal for me, for I’d been too afraid I would mess something up to participate backstage before. I made lasting friendships behind the scenes of Guys and Dolls and grew exponentially in my understanding and appreciation of all realms of theatre—not just performance.

From the production of Oklahoma in Fall 2015. Author Courtney Moletz is forefront in blue.

From the production of Oklahoma in Fall 2015. Author Courtney Moletz is forefront in blue.

However, I couldn’t shake my love for performance, so I got up the guts to audition again after much encouraging from my newfound friends. I got a callback…and this time, I made it! I landed a supporting role in Honk!, the College’s spring production of Children’s Theatre. I couldn’t believe it! I was honored to be on stage again, especially my freshman year. The wonderful thing about Grove City College theatre is that there is no seniority in casting—if you’re the best fit for the part, you’re given the opportunity to give your all and play your character to the best of your ability.

When rehearsals began, I met remarkable students who were uplifting, understanding, quirky, dedicated, and creative—they even had an “encouragement wall” backstage that allowed everyone to write uplifting notes to each other before the show. The encouragement wall continues to overflow before each performance Grove City puts on to this day, speaking to the sincere love and familial bond that comes with being friends with such talented and Christ-honoring people.

Tristan Slater '16 playing Laurie in Oklahoma along with co-lead John Laurie '16 playing Curly.

Tristan Slater ’16 playing “Laurie” in Oklahoma along with co-lead John Laurie ’16 playing “Curly.”

Although I had to face rejection, I wouldn’t change how I started my theatre experience at Grove City. I love being able to work backstage and onstage—something Grove City College’s theatre program is wonderful at allowing its students to do. As Professor Betsy Craig, Director of the Theatre Program, says, students should have a well-rounded understanding of theatre, from backstage to performance. I’m glad to say that I’ve been given the opportunity to do so.

Editor’s Note:  Please visit our website for more information on the Grove City College Theatre Program and the 2015-2016 season.



Grove City College Sophomore Courtney Moletz is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Theatre.  A local Western Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh, Courtney chose Grove City College because of “the high level of academic excellence, the emphasis on Christ in class and throughout campus life, [and] for an affordable cost.”

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