The Homeschool Applicant: FAQs

If you are a homeschooled student, this post is for you! In this post, you will find some frequently asked questions (and answers) from homeschooled families and some additional tips and insight from an admissions perspective. We understand that no two homeschoolers are alike and that the setting/schooling format even within “homeschooling” varies greatly! Homeschoolers recognize that there are many ways of addressing academic-related matters, so often your questions pertain to “preference.” Please know that you can ask your admissions counselors any questions, and see below for some information specifically about Grove City College in addition to some general tips as you explore other schools.


Q:  Should I apply early or regular decision? If I want to hear back from the College earlier, shouldn’t I apply early decision?

A: Early Decision is a unique decision deadline, intended for students who know that Grove City College is their first choice, and are willing to commit to attending, if they are accepted. One of the benefits of applying Early Decision would be knowing whether or not you’ve been accepted by Christmastime. However, Early Decision is ethically “binding,” which means you would have to commit to GCC with an official deposit upon receiving our offer of acceptance. So if GCC is your number one for you, this deadline is for you! Otherwise, we would advise you to apply Regular Decision.

Its purpose is not simply the earlier notification. In other words, Early Decision is ethically “binding.” We expect you to commit to and deposit at GCC if you are accepted under the Early Decision deadline. We also expect you to withdraw any other college applications upon accepting our offer of admission. This is not unique to Grove City – it is however, distinctive of an Early Decision deadline. So if GCC is number one for you, then this deadline is for you! Otherwise, we advise you to apply Regular Decision.


Q: Are you a “homeschool-friendly” college?

A: Grove City College most definitely is a homeschool-friendly college. We were recently ranked #1 Best School for Homeschool Students by SuperScholar, a ranking site that evaluates colleges’ fit. Additionally, 15% of our student body is comprised of students who came directly from a homeschool/high school program. For other colleges, one way to discern their experience with working with homeschooled students is to see if they have a specific page for homeschool applicants. Like this one:


Q: What do you look for on a transcript? And is a book or curriculum list necessary?

A: We realize that although many homeschooled students are part of an organization/co-op that handles academic paperwork, many of you may be flying solo and would thus be in charge of creating your own transcripts. For those of you in that category, here are the essential items we look for on a transcript: 1) A clear breakdown of what courses were taken during what year of high school, 2) Course titles (i.e. American History, Advanced Geometry, AP Biology), 3) How many credit hours each course fulfills, 4) The grade achieved in each course, and 5) An indication of any special circumstance under which courses were taken, such as dual enrollment, online tutoring, etc. A curriculum or book list/document is not necessary. If you think that a course may need to be further explained, feel free to provide a brief description of the course content. If you have more specific questions or would like further assistance, please let us know at


Q: What about courses taken at a community college?

A: Indicate this on the high school transcript and provide an official transcript from all other institutions from which you took courses in high school.


Q: Does Grove City College accept CLEP courses/credits?

A: We do accept some subjects through CLEP, depending on test scores. See the chart HERE. If you have questions about specific courses or how they transfer, please let us know.


Q: What standardized test do you prefer?

A: We accept the SAT, ACT and CLT. Regardless of your choice, we super-score tests. For example, if you take the SAT twice and score better on the critical reading section on one test and better on the math section on the other test, we will take the best of the section scores and combine them into one big super-score. All you have to do is have the scores sent to us each time and we will calculate it for you.


Q: How do I know if a course is “AP” level?

A: Advanced Placement (“AP”) courses are distinct from courses that are simply designated “advanced-level” courses. AP courses are given a special distinction, based on how well the course prepares you for the national AP exam in any given subject. Thus, there are specific curricula and topics that cover the difficulty level in preparation for these tests. If a course from an online tutorial service is designated “AP” in the course title, it probably has curriculum that aligns with the AP guidelines. However, it’s always a good idea to double check! AS with the CLEP tests mentioned above, we do accept AP credit depending on the scores received. See the chart HERE.

For more information, please visit or email us at with any questions you have!


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