Alumni Connections: Introducing Gret

Gret Glyer ’12


I graduated in 2012, and immediately started working at Enterprise. After a year, I had enough of the typical desk job, and moved to Malawi, Africa. Since moving, 3 years ago, I’ve started an organization that builds houses for orphans and widows called HOWMs, I’ve fundraised $100,000 for an all girls school in a rural village, and I just launched my latest project, an app called DonorSee that will revolutionize online giving. Watch this video to learn about our plan to literally change the world before the end of 2016.



What kinds of opportunities did you have at GCC that prepared you for your career? For life in general?
The GCC Entrepreneurship Department did a great job of encouraging us to try things and pursue things that we got excited about. I carried that same passion for tinkering into my post-college life and it’s served me well!

What did a typical Saturday night look like for you during college?
Me and my friends would often go camping or do a late night Taco Bell run. We also spent a lot of time sitting around, having meaningful conversations. One of the best things about my hall was that there was no TV so that provided a very conducive atmosphere for intentional conversation.

How did GCC give you an outlet to pursue what you’re passionate about?
The Grove City College Business Plan Competition was one of the best experiences during my time in college. It helped me think through some of the most difficult components of starting a business. It gave me a safe place to fail before moving into the real world where there are real consequences.

In what ways are you different having attended Grove City College?
Grove City did a great job of developing me personally, spiritually and professionally. I would never have moved to Malawi, Africa and start DonorSee if it weren’t for the many teachers and students who poured into me during my time there.

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