A Capital Adventure


I’m now almost halfway into my third semester here at Grove City College, and the time has flown by! Every semester I am just shocked by the amazing opportunities and experiences that pop up for me. I regularly call my parents and list off a host of new clubs, organizations, volunteer programs, and fun things that I’ve joined- and this semester is no different! My biggest goal for this semester was to take advantage of as many campus organizations and programs as possible and a couple of weekends ago I had an incredible opportunity to do so!

white houseD.C. BOUND!

I was able to travel to Washington D.C. with the College’s Center for Vision and Values. The Center is a forum on campus that is dedicated to studying and applying freedom to economic, political, social, religious, and scientific issues that American’s are currently facing. Each year, they take about 50 students to Washington D.C. to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference, to network and meet alumni, and to make connections with different foundations in the D.C. area that are dedicated to similar causes. I am so thankful Grove City College is dedicated to helping students grow in their knowledge of political, ethical, and religious issues in society. My trip was absolutely amazing – I had so much fun meeting alumni, listening to experts on social issues, and exploring D.C.!





First off, at the CPAC conference, we had the opportunity to hear some amazing speakers! Some of the more well-known ones were: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, and Betsy DeVos. I even met Carly Fiorina after she spoke! It was so interesting to hear speakers discuss not only political issues, but also moral and religious issues that are highly debated right now. Regardless of your political views, I love that Grove City College encourages and provides ways for students to grow in their knowledge of different opinions, while still holding firm to Christian values and beliefs.

Another one of my favorite things about Grove City College is our alumni network! I was able to meet up with and talk to several alumni who encouraged me and gave me advice as I prepare to move into the professional world. Several even took my resume to pass it on for internships and jobs! It was inspiring to hear them explain how their time at Grove City College launched their careers and how they used the opportunities and resources at the College to grow in their professional, personal, and spiritual lives.


Of course, no trip to D.C. would be complete without sightseeing! Did I mention it happened to be 80° that weekend?! A few of my closest college friends came on this trip and we had such a blast exploring! We wandered around the monuments, a couple different museums, and Georgetown (and yes, I have been daydreaming about Georgetown Cupcakes since I got back). I love that I was able to form deeper relationships with close friends and even meet students who I didn’t know before I went on the trip. It just goes to show how encouraging and uplifting the community at Grove City College is!

cpac 2


All in all, this trip is something I never dreamed I would have been able to experience while at college. I’m so blessed I chose Grove City College and that I’ve been able to have such amazing experiences. This trip kicked this semester off to a great start and now I can’t wait to see what other opportunities come up in the next few months!

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