Opportunities Abound: Working on Campus

Whether you’re paying your way through college or need spare change for a cup of coffee at Beans on Broad, college students tend to have money on the brain. To paraphrase a famous web-slinger’s uncle, with the great freedom in college comes great financial burden.

Now, you may be asking “How am I going to find a job, let alone the energy to do that job, if Grove City boasts such difficult academics?” Fear not. Yes, Grove City does demand a lot of your time, but that by no means limits the possibilities. It may prompt you to get creative, but what’s wrong with that?

Over 1000 students are hired by Grove City each year. Many of these positions offer professional experience and look great on a résumé. Here are a few of the interesting options Grove City has to offer:

Media Services Technician

Throughout the school year, students and organizations put on campus events, many of which require A/V support. Whether it’s a coffeehouse or a swing dance with a live jazz band, Media Services is called on to set up and run the technical aspects. Media Services has a separate branch (which I’ve been able to work in!) which is specialized to our theatre housed in Pew Fine Arts Center, Ketler Auditorium. If you have a passion for audio or theatre work, you may want to check out the opportunities in the Media Services department.

media services

Chain Gang Member

This year I had the pleasure of working the sidelines of the football games. A group of us would man the down-marker and chains during Grove City’s home football games. From sun tans to fun conversations with the teams and coaches, it was a job which provided both entertainment and a nice income.


Help Desk Technician

While the computers Grove City supplies students with do the job, they require the regular maintenance that you’d expect. If you’re technologically minded, you can apply to work at the Technological Learning Center (or TLC) to assist students with needs they may have regarding their school issued computers. I have friends who work the desk and love the opportunities to solve technological problems and help their classmates in practical ways.

tech services

Crimson Callers

One of the main reasons Grove City is so affordable is due to the generosity of its alumni. Crimson Callers communicate with these donors and get to speak with the individuals who give to thank them and to ensure that Grove City remains such a reputable institution.


Admissions Student Content Team

By far one of the most creative jobs I’ve had the pleasure of working, the admissions student content team works to put together informational materials for prospective students like you. Our goal is to help you get to know Grove City College and decide if this is the kind of educational environment you would thrive in.

There are a myriad of opportunities at Grove City College to gain professional experience and mentoring from faculty and staff and to earn some money. With the many options across campus, you’re bound to find the right job for you!





Rob Davis is a senior at Grove City College pursuing Communication Studies and English. Over the past four years he has honed his passions, words and people, primarily through the Theatre Arts and various organizations on campus. In the fall of 2017 he will be starting a 9 month leadership development program, the Pittsburgh Fellows, with a Fellowship at Net Health.

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