Mastering the Admissions Interview: Counselors’ Tips

Here at Grove City College, we want to get to know you as a person, not just an SAT score or list of classes on your transcript. An admissions interview allows us to put a face to an application and get to know you as an individual full of unique God-given talents and passions.

First, to answer the question—do I have to?—an interview is not required, but it is highly recommended. Think of it as an opportunity to share your story with us, strengthen your application, and also see if Grove City is the right fit for you. Plus, if you interview, we’ll give you an application-fee waiver so you can apply for free!

For more specific strategies for mastering the interview, check out this blog post, and be sure to read tips below from each of our Admissions Counselors so you can walk into your interview with confidence.


“Before your interview, spend time thinking of concrete examples that demonstrate qualities about yourself. It is always helpful to go into an interview having thought through 2-3 accomplishments, lessons learned, or goals for college. Remember that we are your advocates and that our goal in the interview is to get to know you better! We want to hear these stories, achievements, and ways you have grown!”

– Kate (Nagatani) Mariani ’13

“Start out strong! Confident eye contact and a firm handshake can go a long way, and maybe ease your nerves, too. Also, don’t forget to dress your best – a neat and tidy personal appearance shows that you’ve taken the time to prepare and are taking the interview seriously. While that first impression won’t “make or break” you, it will help you stand out and show us that you value the interview as an important part of the admissions process.”

– Tristan Slater ’16

“If you get stumped on a question, take your time or ask to go back to it later. We’ll be much more impressed with a unique answer that reveals more about you (but takes an extra minute to articulate) than a cliché response that might first come to mind. Help us to really see YOU through your answers.”

– Lindsay Harp ’18


“Following up with a thank-you note is always a nice touch! It doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Just a short note thanking your counselor for his or her time shows thoughtfulness and appreciation.”

– Abby (Messinger) Kehr ’18


“When I interviewed to be a student here, I worried about whether I had done a good job and was convinced I had messed it up. That worry was a waste because I got accepted! My advice is: don’t overanalyze the interview. Pray about it beforehand, think through potential questions, practice your handshake or whatever makes you feel comfortable, and then let it be. We know there is more to you than your interview responses, and we want to get to know you so we can guide you along in the admissions process.”

– Abbey (Henshaw) Donath ’15

Interested in setting up an interview as part of your campus visit? You can schedule your interview along with a campus tour here on our website, or by calling our office at 724-458-2100.

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