Sociology: When Your Passion and Future Align

I believe God gives us specific passions for a reason and He will always use them for our good and His glory. When you find the place where your passions and the gifts God has given you align, He will always open doors and sometimes in places we are least expecting. I chose Sociology as my major expecting to go into social work (before we had a separate social work major). It’s funny how God works because as I was deciding social work wasn’t right for me, I was falling in love with sociology. I’ve always loved people and this was a way to study something I had been doing my whole life—learning more about people.

Why I Fell in Love With Sociology

The faculty are what make sociology such a strong major at Grove City. They’re highly qualified and teach with passion and encouragement. My favorite class so far has been City and Urban Life with Dr. Anderson. We learned how cities develop and change over time, discovered art in graffiti and building design, and discussed the issues that face our future – poverty, environmental issues, and government policies. Sociology shows how a love for people can translate into practical help and actual change for the better. Without important sociological research, we wouldn’t know where to start. Sociology not only allows you to study people, but it is a tool to help others. For example, have you ever thought about how Sociology and Economics relate?



Pictured – Dr. Anderson


Sociology and Economics

At first it may seem a bit odd that these departments are combined at Grove City, but if sociology is studying people’s behavior and exploring how to promote positive change, isn’t that similar to economics? Economics also studies human behavior in regards to financial habits and patterns and helps societies improve financial structures. In fact, sociology is in many ways the foundation for economics. We must first understand how people think before we can understand how they will spend their money.


Your Future as a Sociologist

Sociology is a great foundation for many career paths – it helps you to understand people and their needs and this is helpful no matter where God takes you. Grove City students have gone on to law school, different avenues of therapy, counseling, event planning, non-profit work, medical school, and so much more. Some career paths require further schooling, but Grove City prepares its students well for both work life and continued schooling. All junior sociology majors conduct their own research and have the opportunity to present this research at conferences in front of other students, schools, and even representatives from graduate programs. Because of connections I’ve made at these conferences, I’m currently in contact with a grad school about a program that allows students to earn a PhD for free! I feel confident that my education at Grove City, especially in the Sociology Department, has prepared me for whatever path God has in store.



Author, Emma Thomas, is a Senior  at Grove City College majoring in sociology with minors in philosophy and environmental studies. She’s from Colorado Springs and loves mountain climbing, drinking tea and handwritten letters. Her hope is to go through life seeking God’s goodness in each and every moment and to enjoy the crazy adventures along the way.

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