Are You Paying for Your Roommate’s Tuition?

For many college students, the answer to that question is “yes,” thanks in part to a now-standard practice that contributes to rising tuition bills and crushing student debt.

The Wall Street Journal exposed this practice where colleges and universities in the United States have incorporated subsidies that pay for scholarships and discounts for some students into the tuition price paid by others.

But that’s not the case at Grove City College, where keeping a quality education in a thoroughly Christian environment affordable has been the mission for 138 years.

Have you wondered why Grove City College doesn’t offer a lot of merit-based scholarships when it seems like every other institution does? Allow us to explain.

This organic video that was released by the Center for Vision and Values does a great job of explaining the mainstream method of financial aid called “tuition discounting”.  As the video states, tuition discounting is the practice of inflating tuition price in an effort to create financial aid, where one student is essentially funding another student’s education.  Check out what they have to say and see why it is important to pay closer attention to the bottom line price than the total amount of financial aid offered.

The Center for Visions and Values is a conservative think tank rooted in Christian scholarship whose home is on the campus of Grove City College.  To learn more you can visit them at their website:

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