Q&A with a Grover: Emily Owen ’16


Grove City College has roughly 2500 students on campus, each of whom has come from a different background and has a different story to tell.  The series on Bridging the Gap, “Q/A with a Grover,” is aimed at letting you hear some of the unique experiences that have shaped our students.


Emily Owen, a former public school student from Cranberry Township, PA, expects to graduate from Grove City College in December 2016 with a degree in Psychology and minors in Family Studies and Social Work.


Q: What is your favorite organization/club/extracurricular activity on campus to participate in?

A: Greek Life, Homecoming Committee, and all of the dance groups [at Grove City College].


Q: What do you enjoy doing in the surrounding area?

A: Going to Coffaro’s Pizza.


Q: Did you apply Early Decision or Regular Decision?  Why?

A: Regular Decision.  I hadn’t decided to apply to Grove City College until after the Early Decision deadline.


Q: Is Grove City College everything you expected it to be?

A: It’s more!  I love the communities you can find here, how the academics actually provide you with an education that will help you, and how the campus has become a home.


Q: What are your current plans for after Grove City College?

A: Graduate in December 2016, work for the spring and summer, hopefully find an internship and then work for a year before applying to graduate school for counseling.


Q: How has your faith been influenced by your time at Grove City College?

A: I have learned so much about the Bible and the basic foundations of my faith, as well as actually learning so many things and growing in my faith.  I feel like my faith is more structured and grounded, but also has grown exponentially.


Q: Where is your favorite place to do homework?

A: The stacks in the library.


Q: If you could give a high school junior or senior one piece of advice about searching for and applying to colleges, what would it be?

A: Find out what kind of activities are available for you to get involved in and meet people from those activities to see what they think about it.  Getting involved was the most important thing that I have done after coming to college.  I found a home and feel like part of the school.

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