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One of the most exciting days of my Freshmen Welcome Week at Grove City College was when I received my laptop. That might sound crazy, but new technology always gets me excited!  All freshman at Grove City receive a technology package that includes a laptop computer, a printer/scanner/copier combo, a backpack, a flash drive, and all related cords.  It’s like Christmas in August!

A quote from our Vice President of Enrollment Management, John Inman, sums up the purpose of the program perfectly.  “The Grove City College Information Technology Initiative began in response to the fact that computers were playing a greater role in all fields of study.  As courses required greater amounts of hands-on computer use, the institution was faced with the challenge of providing either larger computer labs or developing a plan that would better match the needs of students.  Students wanted to have the convenience of using a computer whenever and wherever they needed one.  By moving away from centralized computer labs and towards a distributed computing model, Grove City College began its Information Technology Initiative.  This initiative was designed to accomplish the following four goals:

  • Better prepare students for their professions
  • Increase the level of technology on campus while reducing costs
  • Promote the concept of anytime / anywhere learning”

Check out this news report from the 90’s announcing Grove City’s new technology package here (It’s our office’s favorite video).

As a college graduate, let me put into perspective just how convenient this is:

All technology on campus is compatible with the laptops. You will never have to remember to bring your adapter in order to use the projector for a presentation, because all classrooms are equipped with the proper connections for the laptop.

We also have our very own tech support team which means that the turnaround time for repairs is much quicker because the IT department is able to keep parts in stock and also has experience working on the same machines.  For example, in my junior year I accidentally dropped my laptop and the screen shattered.  Not only did they fix it free of charge but they had it back to me within 24 hours!

Not only do they fix it free of charge (unless you throw it out your window during finals week), but they also keep it completely updated.  So when Windows 38 comes out, they will update your computer for free.  You also receive all the software you would need for your major, including Microsoft Office. Grove City provides the most up to date software – in every field of study – so you are learning on software that you will actually use in the work force.

The best part about this package: you don’t have to spend a dime!  The college provides the laptop, all software, and manages the repairs for you.  Not to mention you may have to replace or at the very least update the software on the laptop again in two to three years.  When factoring that in to the college decision process that can add up to be a significant expense.

*Photo courtesy of HP

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