A Seat at the Table: a Peek into a Grove City College Classroom

At Grove City College, we believe that what you learn matters. However, we also know that how you learn matters too. That’s why I want to give you a peek into what a Grove City College classroom can look like.

We have many beautiful classrooms around campus, including this outdoor classroom


(Don’t worry, we close it for the winter months so that you don’t have to sit in snow!)

As you can see here, we have many light-filled classrooms in our Hall of Arts and Letters building, where professors can walk throughout the room in stadium-seat, lecture-style rooms.


Language courses, focused on conversation and interaction, offer opportunities for improvement and personal attention from professors.


And for many courses (particularly upper level courses), seminar-style is where it’s at. Though our average class size is 25, many upper level courses are smaller. You even have opportunities to pursue 1:1 learning via independent studies with a professor.


In the sciences, classroom settings are hands-on by nature. In Rockwell Hall of Science, Hoyt Engineering Hall and our new STEM building, our classrooms and laboratories provide a great setting to engage with our state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation.


Below is a glimpse into a computer science classroom. The collaborative, screen-share type of classroom is unique among colleges. These high-tech classrooms are patterned after Google and similar industry-leading companies.




And, of course, the fine arts employ their own creative classroom formats as well.



Want to see more? I encourage you to check out our virtual reality tour of Grove City College


or visit us in person! We’d love to show you more!


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