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Grove City’s Study Spaces

One thing Grove City College is known for is its rigorous academics; and along with a high-end education comes many, many hours of studying. It can be easy to get burned out if you are not careful to split up your studying in manageable chunks. Thankfully, though, there are many different ways to study at […]


Planning a Campus-Wide Event

Living as a student at Grove City College, there is certainly no shortage of campus activities to attend. From sports events, to the performing arts, to guest speakers, it is hard to go a week without seeing advertisements for some sort of event. One thing that is fun about going to Grove City is the […]


Building Community at Mealtime

One of Grove City College’s five core values is community. In my time at Grove City, there have been so many opportunities to build community with fellow students. Freshmen move in a few days earlier than returning students and, in this time, have the opportunity to partake in activities organized by the Orientation Board. This […]

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A Day in the Life of a TA

During the fall semester of my junior year of college, I had the opportunity to take a class on campus that got me certified as an Excel Specialist. I liked it so much that I signed up to take the advanced version of the class in the spring, which got me certified as an Excel […]

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Leisure in Learning

One of my favorite parts of college is having the ability to take electives. For general elective hours, you can really take any class you want, but Grove City College has a long list of classes that would not normally be considered “academic.” This means that, essentially, you can get credit for having fun. These […]

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Podcast Interview with Zach Brown

I had the opportunity to interview Grove City College’s Disability Services Coordinator, Zach Brown. In this interview, we discussed how Mr. Brown came to be the Academic Resource Center’s Disability Services Coordinator, what services are offered, and even what students should do if they feel that they would like to have access to these services. […]

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