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Grove City College Chapel Credits: How Does it Work?

Grove City College has many different opportunities and experiences to offer than your typical state college or university. Having the Christ-centered academics and environment make it much different than many other academic choices. With the selecting of a private college such as this, also comes the academic integrity and the hope of creating a well-rounded […]

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Video: From Roommates to Brothers – Part 1

Grove City College allows freshman the option to choose their roommates. Most of the time, students change rommates after freshman year. Marquis and Luke are a rare example of roommates who lived together for all 4 years at Grove City College. Marquis and Luke come from two totally different backgrounds.  In this 2 part video […]


Video: From Roommates to Brothers – Part 2

Most of the time, students change roommates after freshman year of college. Unlike the rest, Marquis and Luke have managed to stay roommates at Grove City College for all 4 years. In Part 2 of “From Roommates to Brothers”, Marquis and Luke continue to discuss their journey and growth as roommates, and offer some advice […]

Grove City College Track and Field

Varsity Women’s Track and Field Spotlight: Rohanna Foote

Rohanna Foote, class of 2020, is well-known at Grove City College as one of the top sprinters for the Wolverines Track and Field team. The Ardmore, PA native had a standout season in 2018 and is looking to capitalize on her success for her final year as a sprinter. Academically, Rohanna is majoring in International […]

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A Glance of Pledge Week

Pledge week is a lot of fun for students at Grove City College. It is the process of becoming a member of a Greek group. The Beta Sigma fraternity was founded in 1922. Its colors are red, which represents loyalty, black, which represents strength, and white, which represents pride. The fraternity has 4 main symbols, […]

Grove City Weight Platform

Facilities: The Grove City Free Weight Room

If you are anything like me, you will probably spend your first few days at Grove City College wondering when the gym will open, since you can feel your body getting weaker every second that you are not working out. Okay, maybe you do not feel like that, but maybe some info on Grove City’s […]


Grove City College Camp Fair Spotlight: Alex Berrios

One of the many opportunities offered at Grove City College is the Camp Fair, an event that takes place in the early spring, providing information to students about the various camp opportunities that are offered from many different areas. This is where Alex Berrios, a sophomore elementary education major with a minor in Christian Ministries, […]

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