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Homecoming Football

Homecoming 2016: Get Pumped!

Homecoming 2016. September 26- October 1. Homecoming week is a celebration of all that Grove City is. There is so much more to the week than just the stereotypical football game. If sports just aren’t your thing, that is okay–there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the phenomenal school we attend. Personally, my two favorite parts of […]

Dr. Thompson Writing

Oh, the Humanities!

Grove City College is a liberal arts school therefore there are certain academic requirements that must be met before graduation. At this school, that means a humanities core requirements for every student in every major. However, I have come to realize the value of the whole-person education offered here. The humanities core requirements stretches across almost every area of academia. Course requirements include natural […]

radio broadcast photo

You Know You’re a Communications Major When…

As a prospective student, you might be asking yourself what exactly a Communication Studies major is? You know what a journalist, broadcaster, and writer does, but how does that fall under one general “Communications” degree? When I first began my college search, I had no idea what I wanted to do or even if college […]

bob baker - guest lecture

Advertising at Giant Eagle: Guest Lecture

Mr. Robert Baker, Senior Director of Advertising for Giant Eagle, visited campus to guest lecture in Dr. Powell’s Advertising course. Mr. Baker intrigued the audience with lessons learned during his professional career. Upon graduating from college, Baker started his journey in the business world, thinking he would land a higher position immediately. He soon discovered […]

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