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New Chapel Schedule

At Grove City College, every student must attend chapel a certain amount of times per semester, though the amount varies for commuter students and on-campus students. Typically, the normal student is required to attend 12 chapels a semester, which is very doable. For three and a half years, the schedule was chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays […]


Spring Chapel: Dr. Schaefer

Grove City College’s Dr. Schaefer, one of many esteemed members of Biblical and Religious Studies (BARS), delivered the message at Chapel on March 23. The message was based on Psalm 40:1-10, and Hebrews 10:5-10. Because the content of chapels was something that appealed to me when considering admissions, and because it is what many students […]


Making the Most of your College Career: Student Employment

Student employment is easily one of the best opportunities that students have on campus. Supervisors are friendly and flexible – they know that you are a full-time student with many responsibilities. There are many fun positions on campus that will allow you to gain work experience as well as amazing life lessons. Here are some […]


Grove City College Chapel Credits: How Does it Work?

Grove City College has many different opportunities and experiences to offer than your typical state college or university. Having the Christ-centered academics and environment make it much different than many other academic choices. With the selecting of a private college such as this, also comes the academic integrity and the hope of creating a well-rounded […]

Dr. Weaver

A Fresh Outlook on Vespers at Grove City

 Traditional or Contemporary? Those of you who visited a year or more ago may have experienced chapel with Dr. Stan Keehlwetter, the previous Dean of the Chapel here at Grove City. Among being a great leader and an excellent orator, Dr. Keehlwetter was very traditional in how he ran his chapel. I enjoyed his Sunday […]

Double Chapel Credit

Double Chapel Credits

Grove City College requires students to obtain 16 chapel credits throughout one semester. Chapel credits are offered every Tuesday and Thursday for chapel, which most students usually attend, every Sunday night for a Vespers service, and for myriad additional lectures and events offered throughout the semester. While students at times complain that their semester’s worth […]

Grove City College Chapel

Why Chapel?

You may know that there is a Chapel attendance requirement for students at Grove City College, but you may not know its purpose. Full time students at Grove City College are required to attend a minimum of 16 Chapel events per semester. There are many opportunities to attend these events, but the most popular ones […]


How Chapel Saved My Grades

Most schools do not have a chapel requirement. Grove City is one of the few that does. Every semester students are required to attend 16 chapels. Chapels are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:25-9:50 a.m. with an optional worship time from 9-9:25 a.m. There are other chapel credit opportunities available such as Vespers which are […]


A Look Inside: Vespers All Saints’ Day Service

Every year, Grove City College holds an All Saint’s Day Service the Sunday before November 1st.  All Saint’s Day is a celebration of the saints in the church, those who have glorified God through their lives and have made a positive impact in the realm of Christianity. This year, the Vespers service was held on […]


Churches Around Grove City

Deciding what church to go to while in college can be a challenge.  Grove City College does not offer Sunday morning church services in Harbison Chapel. The reason is to have students get involved in the local community and to interact with those from their particular denomination. According to Admissions, “Grove City College is not […]

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