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Archive | January, 2022

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Cleanup 412

Cleanup 412 is a growing non-profit founded by two of my fraternity brothers, Justin Corbin and Nicholas Choiniere. The goal in mind is to clean the streets of Pittsburgh, feed those in need, and engage all as informed citizens in a restored community. Another unintended impact of these cleanups has been the impact it has […]

Teetime young

Dog Dad by Day, Student by Night

This year I have been given the opportunity that many of my peers wish for – I have a puppy! This puppy is not solely mine but is a service dog that I am training. My dog’s name is Teetime, and she can be seen running around the Quad or going for walks around campus. […]

frat flic

Grove City Greek Life

As a freshman coming to Grove City College I knew nobody that has ever gone here or who was currently enrolled, I also had no intentions on joining a fraternity. But, being a more reserved kid I knew if this campus was going to work for me I had to get involved one way or […]

resense award team

Changing My Major

Going into college with a major figured out can feel like one of the hardest decisions as a student. It makes you feel like you need to have your career figured out before you even start freshman year! I remember feeling this way. There were so many majors to choose from, and I had no […]

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