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Archive | December, 2023

Anastasia Gaponenko (left) and Thaddeus Woo (right) outside of Buhl Library

Life as an International Student at Grove City College

Sometimes choosing to study in a place so far from home can be intimidating. Though it presents a unique set of challenges, it also creates amazing opportunities. For the international students at Grove City College (GCC), the experience is one of growth, exploration, community, and (of course) lots of fun. Let’s Meet Some International Grovers! […]

In-Depth Look at the Communication Arts Degree

Hi there! Our names are Ayden Gutierrez and Caleb Vinoverski, we are both senior Communication Arts students and we wanted to create a piece that gives a closer look at what all the Communication Arts degree entails. If you are a prospective student or family looking at the Communications Department, this podcast was created for […]

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