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Archive | July, 2016

All Campus Sing

All Campus Sing

When people think of All-College Sing the first thing that typically pops into their mind is either Glee, Pitch Perfect or acapella groups like Pentatonix. I never really thought of how much time, dedication and determination it takes in order to bring together a group, find a song that will fit perfectly and then teach […]


JMK Student Model: Martha

Grove City may be a small, but there sure is a taste for fashion in the town. Nestled in a local pharmacy behind Broad Street resides a small fashion boutique named JMK. With the goal of affordable and timeless fashion, JMK Boutique has brought a fresh wave of fashion with their boutique, fashion show events and […]


Adventures in Nantes: To Normandy We Go

Last semester, I studied abroad in Nantes, France as part of Grove City College’s study abroad program. If you’re curious why I chose to study abroad, check out my previous post. As part of the study abroad program, there is a six-week field trip program. We took a four-day trip to Normandy and some surrounding French […]


How to Make College an Adventure

When considering colleges, the biggest question in my mind was “Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Will this really be the best four years of my life?” Well, yes …or no, it depends really. I’ve realized that college is only as good as you make it. You could lock these four years away […]

dsc_0049 clisson

Adventures in Nantes: Let’s Climb the Tower

The French Revolution played a major role in the destruction and restoration of France. Students of Dr. Gary Smith’s Modern Civilization course were given the opportunity to experience the unfolding of European history right before their eyes. During my time in France, we visited the beautiful commune of Clisson. Located in Pays de la Loire […]

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