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Sophomore Spotlight: Lucca Baccari

Whether you are a prospective student looking at Grove City College or you have decided to attend Grove City in the fall, college is a time for people to learn and grow. You may not know what the “college experience” looks like, but that is okay! The best advice you can get is hearing from […]

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Inside Wolverine Athletics Podcast: Coach Zach Jew

In this week’s episode of Inside the Wolverine Den, Coach Zach Jew, aka Counselor, dives into the topics of FCA and the importance of incorporating faith into everyday activities. Many say he is a jack of all trades when it comes to building community. After graduating from Grove City College, Zach returned to the College […]


New Chapel Schedule

At Grove City College, every student must attend chapel a certain amount of times per semester, though the amount varies for commuter students and on-campus students. Typically, the normal student is required to attend 12 chapels a semester, which is very doable. For three and a half years, the schedule was chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays […]

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