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In-Depth Look at the Communication Arts Degree

Hi there! Our names are Ayden Gutierrez and Caleb Vinoverski, we are both senior Communication Arts students and we wanted to create a piece that gives a closer look at what all the Communication Arts degree entails. If you are a prospective student or family looking at the Communications Department, this podcast was created for […]

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Grove City College: Why Do Multi-Generational Families Keep Coming Back?

By Rebecca Murray and Madeline Warburton Sibling Duo Conquers Campus By Rebecca Murray Grove City College, an institution commonly known for its core values of faithfulness, excellence, community, stewardship, and independence has been around since 1876. Amid the country roads of Mercer County this Christian liberal arts college has become a safe haven for many. […]


Small Campus Big City

One of the main reasons I decided to go to Grove City College was its close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh. Downtown Pittsburgh is a short one-hour drive from campus which means if you have a means of getting to the city, you can access the many experiences Pittsburgh has to offer. I will be the […]


Winning the IF Dodgeball Championship

Intramural sports are extremely popular here at Grove City College. They allow students of all skills and talents to compete in a myriad of sports. Recently, we brought back IF sports which is inner fraternal sports. Inner fraternal sports is the league that all Men’s Greek groups compete for the IF cup, a prized trophy […]

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Sophomore Spotlight: Lucca Baccari

Whether you are a prospective student looking at Grove City College or you have decided to attend Grove City in the fall, college is a time for people to learn and grow. You may not know what the “college experience” looks like, but that is okay! The best advice you can get is hearing from […]

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Inside Wolverine Athletics Podcast: Coach Zach Jew

In this week’s episode of Inside the Wolverine Den, Coach Zach Jew, aka Counselor, dives into the topics of FCA and the importance of incorporating faith into everyday activities. Many say he is a jack of all trades when it comes to building community. After graduating from Grove City College, Zach returned to the College […]

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