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Archive | October, 2020


Fall Fest

  One of my favorite events on campus is Fall Fest. It is exactly what it sounds like: a festival to kick off the fall season here at Grove City College. All the clubs, sororities, fraternities, and other organizations on campus make game booths in the Quad and you and your friends spend an entire […]


Professors Online

  Before attending Grove City College, I was taking a full course load online through a community college. I did not mind online classes when I was taking them my first year of college. It gave me more freedom to have a job and travel. By the end of a year, however, despite my guzzling […]

Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fair

  Grove City College students are a notoriously driven bunch. It feels like many of us are thinking about what we will be doing post-graduation or over the summer more than anything else. Last semester saw many summer jobs and internships canceled because of the virus, and we have been hesitant to get our hopes […]

Grove City College

The Safest Campus

As a senior in high school, I remember being slightly afraid to come to college. I did not know how safe the campuses would be because they were in towns and cities that I did not know. I originally wanted to go to the University of Pittsburgh, but one reason that I chose to come […]


Interning at a Mom and Pop Shop

As a Business major, I used to think that the best thing that you could put on your resume is that you interned at a large corporate company. I believe that many college students think that that they need to work at a big company in order to gain quality experience. However, I interned at […]


Internship Business Learnings

This summer, I had my first internship. I interned in marketing at a business in Pittsburgh called At Home Senior Services. At Home Senior Services is a non-medical home health care company. At first, I had no idea what I was going to do and what I was going to learn. I was afraid and […]

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Transitions: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the “Transitions” series! Transitions can be difficult, but I want to continue to ease your mind about a few of them. Transition to leaving family. One of the most difficult things for people going to college is moving away from family. This is completely understandable seeing as you will have […]

Grove City College

Transitions: Part 1

College is one of the biggest transitions a person will make, aside from getting a full-time job post-graduation. These four years are full of newness and change and excitement and anxiety all wrapped in one. Transitions can be difficult, but I want to ease your mind about a few of them. Transition to dorm life. […]

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