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Anastasia Gaponenko (left) and Thaddeus Woo (right) outside of Buhl Library

Life as an International Student at Grove City College

Sometimes choosing to study in a place so far from home can be intimidating. Though it presents a unique set of challenges, it also creates amazing opportunities. For the international students at Grove City College (GCC), the experience is one of growth, exploration, community, and (of course) lots of fun. Let’s Meet Some International Grovers! […]


Experience with Sororities at College

When it comes to meeting people and making friends at college, a lot of people immediately think of joining a sorority or a fraternity. At big schools, many people join groups to find or meet friends but everyone has a different reason. Being at a small school like Grove City College, not only are you […]

nat merrick

Freshman Spotlight: Natalie Merrick

College is a time for students to step out of their comfort zone and explore. You have the freedom of living on your own and making your own decisions. Being at Grove City, this is the time where you find out more about yourself, find friends that will be with you throughout life, and where […]

Grove City College Student Spotlight: Episode 4 - Tegan Truitt

Grove City College Student Spotlight: Episode 4 – Tegan Truitt

Episode 4 – Tegan Truitt Welcome to the Grove City College Student Spotlight, where we sit down with Grove City students and converse about their college experiences. On today’s episode, we sit down with Tegan Truitt. Tegan is a senior Economics and Philosophy major, the chaplain of the Adelphikos, the captain of the Ultimate Frisbee […]


College Life in Quarantine

Grove City College is blessed that we were all able to return to campus this fall and that we made it to the end! Everyone is really excited to return home and finish up the semester. We will not return until the end of January, which means that after Thanksgiving there was a week of […]

Rockwell Hall, home to the Exercise Science Department

College and COVID-19

In March 2020, everything seemed to get crazy. Students were sent home in the middle of March due to the coronavirus. Students, parents, teachers and employees were all panicked because it was such a strange and uncertain time. We did not end up returning until the fall of 2020. Since returning in August, things have […]

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