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Archive | January, 2017


Sardinia Part One: Welcome to a Summer of Archaeological Conservation

Grove City College offers its students many different, and unique opportunities to not only better themselves, but to experience unique adventures. Many of these adventures take place on United States soil, but several of them are abroad. Unique partnerships with international institutions offer GCC students exceptional opportunities to explore their vocational interests, obtain outstanding job […]


Internship Spotlight: Holly Ahrens

Holly Ahrens, ’18 is an English Major with a Technical Writing minor. She interned at Armory Publishing Groups LLC during the summer of 2016.  1.Where did you intern last summer and what was your position title? My internship was at Armory Publishing Groups LLC in Aurora, Colorado. Armory Publishing is a small company that publishes […]

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The Joys of Being an Independent

One of the most unique aspects of Grove City College is that we have sororities. Not many Christian colleges have sororities on their campuses. This can either be something that attracts you to Grove City or it may be a concern you have with coming here. When I chose to come here, I had never […]

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Baja Racing!!!

Baja is a club composed mostly of Mechanical Engineering majors. Members build vehicles and race them at competitions across the country, competing against international teams. I talked with Paul Kenney, who is an avid member of the Baja Club to learn more about the club. Baja Racing is a competition sponsored by the Society of […]


Thoughts from a Graduating Senior

Julie Dieffenbach is a winter graduate of Grove City, graduating in three and a half years, rather than four years. She is a Psychology major with a Business minor. How did you graduate early? I completed several heavier semesters, with 18 credits, rather than the normal 16 credits. In addition, I took a few intersession […]


Internship Spotlight: Abigail Cunningham

Abigail Cunningham, ’17, is a Communications major from State College, Pennsylvania. She interned at Hope for New York in New York City during the summer of 2016. 1. Where did you intern last summer and what was your position title? I was the communications intern at Hope for New York in New York City. Hope […]


A Virtual Way Through the Crowd

Crowds are curious things. As I have navigated many in airports, train stations, and other public places in France this semester, I’ve been surprised at how a path through the crowd that my friend took ahead of me, a few seconds ago, is not necessarily the path I should take. People are moving constantly and […]


Thankful for Thanksgiving Break

Dear Reader, Ask any student, and they will tell you: Grove City keeps you busy. For the most part, it’s a good thing and a natural result of being at a rigorous school that also has many extracurricular opportunities — from clubs to IM sports to competitions to speakers to concerts. I am a tiny bit […]

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