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Archive | November, 2017

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Top 10 Perks of Attending a Small College

Small or large college? Which one to choose? It is a question I asked myself, and a choice I had to make before I decided on attending Grove City College. I had both options available to me. My sister chose the large state school, and I had visited her many times. I was able to […]


Mobile Robots Course

  As a requirement of the Robotics Minor, a Mobile Robots class (ROBO 302) will be offered for the first time this spring. This three-credit class includes one lab per week. According to the Registrar, the class is “an introduction to the basic principles of mobile robots, including mechanical, sensory, and cognitive systems necessary for […]


An Insider’s Perspective on the JMK Fashion Show

When I came to Grove City College, I did not expect to find an internship at a fashion boutique. And yet there I was – a senior looking for experience to make myself employable – writing an application to be an intern for the JMK Fashion Show. As an intern, I had a number of basic […]

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Freshman Profiles: Interview with Josh Padgett, Class of ’21

So, you’re a freshman here at Grove City College. How’s everything going, is the school living up to your expectations or what other people told you it would be like? Yes. Everything is pretty good, classes are tough, but I’m learning a lot and the community is accepting and warm. All the students I have […]


Dr. Christman’s Research on Antennas

Dr. Christman, professor of Electrical Engineering at Grove City College, sat down and spoke with me about his research on antennas. Dr. Christman holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University, and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ohio University. Dr. Christman said that his interest in antennas began […]

Living on Campus, MAP Residence Hall

Living on Campus: What is an RA?

You may have heard people talking about RAs or heard about them from people who have gone to college before you, but you still do not know exactly who, or what, that is. RA stands for Resident Assistant, and your RA at Grove City College will be an upperclass (sophomore through senior) student of the […]


Reel Life at Grove City College: Sportsmanship

Grove City College excels in sportsmanship. Even though I do not play sports myself, when I was a high-schooler looking at different colleges, the sportsmanship I saw and heard about at Grove City amazed me. I knew I wanted to spend my college years at a place with respect, faith-mindedness, determination, and talent. To my […]

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