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What is the Spiritual Atmosphere Like on Grove City’s Campus?

One of the main questions prospective students ask the Office of Admissions at Grove City College is, “What is the spiritual atmosphere like on campus?” According to Jenny Moyer, a sophomore sociology and business major, “it depends what you make of it.” She went on to say that “it has the opportunity to be as much as you want, but it is up to you.”

One’s spiritual walk with the Lord looks different to each and every person. You might find your greatest worship and enjoyment of the Lord through Bible studies, church services, mentorship, mission trips or worship nights. In the paragraphs below, I have highlighted some of the main areas of Grove City’s spiritual atmosphere and share a little bit of my journey. I hope it gives you a glimpse into what it would be like to be a student at GCC.

Bible Study

In terms of Bible studies on campus, there are a lot of different options to get involved. There are Greek Group Bible studies, Bible studies through Campus Ministries who help facilitate the creation of groups based on an individuals’ schedule, and of course, Bible studies that you can get involved in within the local church community.


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Just within walking distance from the college, there are many local churches. These include, but are not limited to, East Main Presbyterian, Christ Presbyterian Church located in the YMCA, Grace United Methodist Church and Tower Presbyterian Church.

Churches that are within a 20 minute drive that many students attend are Sandy Lake Wesleyan, Grove City Alliance Church and Gateway Evangelical Presbyterian Church. For more information on different denominations, times and locations, please see the Local Churches page on the Grove City College website. 

ICO: Inter City Outreach

In regards to mission trips, many students are involved in ICO’s. ICO stands for “Inner City Outreach” and are organized by Grove City students and take place over various breaks, like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Each ICO team partners with a local church or ministry in the area that needs volunteers. Grove City has ICO’s going all over the world ranging from Jamaica, to California and even to Guatemala. Each individual team member of the ICO is responsible for raising the adequate amount of support by sending out support letters to family and friends, bake sales and more. Typically the cost of an international ICO trip ranges from $1,000 -$3,500, while local trips cost less than a few hundred dollars.




Every Thursday night, Grove City College hosts Warriors at 9 p.m. in Harbison Chapel. Warriors is a group of students who are enthusiastic to share their talents for the glory of God. Within the dimly lit chapel, students are welcome to come in and out during the worship time, sing or just sit and listen to the voices that are raised up to God. The group also hosts Extreme Warriors for those who like to start their week off right on Monday mornings in the Chapel.

My Journey

I personally have participated in a mentoring program with one of the seniors on campus. We get dinner every Tuesday evening and it has been an incredible time to just be filled and be reminded, especially during stressful times, to look at the my life in perspective of eternity. I also attend Warriors every Thursday night. I genuinely appreciate the dimly lit chapel where I can worship the Lord in my own way without feeling like people are looking at me. I also attend the Grove City Alliance Church every Sunday and was part of the worship team last semester.

So, for me, to answer your question of what Grove City College’s spiritual atmosphere is like, I would agree with the statement “you will seek [the Lord] and find Him, when you seek Him with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). Basically, it is not difficult to find the opportunities to grow in your faith. There are a ton of different opportunities at Grove City, but it is up to you to pursue them if that is what you desire.

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