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Alumni Insights: Electrical Engineering After College

Graduating college is a huge honor and accomplishment that deserves recognition and celebration. Our alumni are some of our greatest resources for career advice, handling student life, and encouraging those still currently completing their undergraduate degree. Recent graduate of the class of 2016, Abigail Liff is an alumna of the Electrical Engineering program and was willing to share her experiences and advice about life after Grove City.

Experience at Grove City College

Abbi works as an electrical engineer for FirstEnergy in Ohio. While at Grove City College, Abbi enjoyed her time living in a small town similar to her hometown in Kent, OH. “I loved the people and the small school atmosphere,” she explains. Each of our engineering programs at Grove City complete a senior capstone project where students are put into team to conduct research and design something to be used in a practical setting. Being passionate about research, Abbi went beyond the classroom to get more hands-on experience in electrical engineering research through summer internships. She explained how she felt very prepared for life outside of college because of these internships that she held both in high school and during college summers.

Getting More Experience

Being in the field of engineering is no easy job, and it can be difficult to find where your interests lie in a broad field. Abbi explains, “Electrical engineering is very rewarding, but it is very difficult and requires a can-do attitude to make it all the way through the program.” She had the opportunity to study abroad in Nantes, France with the European Study Center program with other electrical and mechanical engineers. During this time, she worked with her senior capstone group to create a better food refrigeration system with the help of some French students who studied food engineering. Together they worked in labs and collaborated information to bring back to America to use to finish their senior capstone project. Being in different environments and research groups in and outside of our campus has provided wonderful experience in the field that has helped her get the job she has today.

Life After Grove City College

After obtaining her degree, Abbi began working at FirstEnergy in Ohio through an experience at the Grove City College Career Fair. She said, “The Career Fair helped me get my job because I met a FirstEnergy representative who was very interested in Grove City College students and knew about the engineering program at our school.” Making these connections during college have made all the difference in finding a career path that has worked out for her.

When it comes to deciding on a college major, there are many factors to consider in developing a career to build on for the next four years and beyond. One of the best pieces of advice Abbi gives is practicing perseverance. She advised, “If you want to get this degree, you have to go in to the program telling yourself ‘I will stick with this. I am going to get this degree.’ I told myself that at least once a week, and I got through it, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I saw a lot of people leave because they didn’t have the right attitude.” Always consider the hard work and dedication it takes to obtain a college degree.

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