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5 Signs You Belong in Communications

Choosing to be a Communications major was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life so far. Despite some wrong turns in the beginning of my college career, I was able to eventually come to find a career path that fits me, what I’m good at and what I want to do with my future. The Communications Department at Grove City College offers a close-knit, encouraging community of creative and hard-working individuals ready to make the world a better place. Many people find their way to Communications after struggling with other majors, just like I did, to find their rightful place among like-minded people. The possibilities are endless with Communications, and the skills that are acquired through its study can open many doors to help achieve all your goals and dreams. Not sure if Communications is the right path for you? Listed below is a short list of qualities that are common among Grove City College Communication majors:

1. You have a wide variety of interests and talents

Instead of just one thing that you are gifted in or find interesting, there are many! You are a well-rounded individual who likes the arts as well as politics, or reading and keeping up with sports. You find that you don’t “fit” perfectly into just one category. This can make it hard to pinpoint a good career path for you, but rest assured that Communications is broad enough to be able to highlight and provide opportunity for all your gifts and interests. After all, if you do what you love, you will surely love what you do.

2. You aren’t entirely sure what you want to do with your life

College is the best time to try new things to try and figure out what you like to do, and how you can turn that into a career. The best part about Communications for some people is that it offers so many different avenues of focus that the likelihood of finding something that fits you is very high. Grove City College has such a great Communications Department because they work hard to get to know you and your interests, and help you find compatible opportunities that help you figure out viable career options. Finding out what you’re meant to do is what your college journey is all about, but choosing Communication Studies is a great start in realizing your career potential.

3. You enjoy people and value relationships

Communication Studies is all about the why and how of interacting and connecting with people, which is essential to so many aspects of life. Communication majors understand the importance of studying and improving upon human connection in all its many forms, which is prevalent in the kinds of projects and works that they tend to be involved in. Collaborative work is valued. Relationships and the way people work together are interesting and deserve attention. In communication, there is a communicator, a message and a receiver. Within this simple model, there is so much to discover, create and study. If any of this is interesting to you, you may find that Communications is a study that could engage you and help you learn more about things that you find important.

4. You are interested in social media, current news and other kinds of entertainment

Social media and other platforms of entertainment have become staples of our society and one of the focuses of Communications is to study and master its features and capabilities. Finding the most effective means of creating valuable images, messages and other content is a priority. You recognize the importance of social media and its impact on commerce, news and media and want to be able to use those skills for a productive purpose. Grove City College does a great job at maintaining and innovating new ways to incorporate social media and other media-related experiences and opportunities to Communication majors that seek it. Students that are well-equipped with the skills and the passion for impacting the media with creative, influential and honest content are the type of people that can find a home within Communication Studies

5. You want a career that is creative, social and important

By this point, I hope to have convinced you that Communication Studies is a broad spectrum of talents and opportunities that can fit a wide range of people. Regardless of the direction that Communications takes you, you can be assured that it can offer you a viable and exciting career that seeks creativity and innovation, willingness to effective communicate and interact with others and the chance to make a difference with effective communicating. This is where your interests in art, photography, sports, theater, social media, writing, talking with people, or volunteering can transform into a meaningful and tangible career path. With Communications, you are giving yourself the platform to begin to make your dreams and goals a reality.

For more information about Communication Studies at Grove City, please check out the Communication Studies Department at Grove City College webpage.

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