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5 Study Break Ideas

We’ve all had that super long week, where the majority of your time is spent studying. Whether its finals, or you are just hit with five exams, two quizzes, and a 20-page paper in a single week. Some weeks you just may not leave the library. However, during weeks like these, it is absolutely necessary to take study breaks to recharge and refocus. After doing this for four years, I have found some pretty creative and refreshing study breaks. Let me share five ideas with you.

  1. Have dinner with a friend – This may sound super simple, and also like something you do every day, but it is all about the friend you choose to have dinner with. We all have that friend who is super refreshing, encouraging, and brings a little extra joy to your life. I encourage you to schedule dinner with this friend during you most stressful weeks. No doubt you will leave refreshed and ready to get back to studying. It always helps to have a little bit of encouragement.
  2. Spend the morning in prayer – I have found, during my most stressful weeks, when I wake up a little earlier to spend some time praying while I drink my coffee, my time seems to be multiplied and I handle my stress much better. Waking up early to pray and read your Bible may be the last thing on your mind when you stayed up until two the night before to finish studying for an exam, but I encourage you to try it and see how it completely changes your day and week.
  3. Call your parents – Both my parents had slightly different ways of helping me handle stress. Both were loving, however one parent kept pushing me and one was more of a comforter. Because I was raised with my parents helping me manage my stress this way, whenever I call home to tell them I’m stressed, they always know exactly what to say to motivate me to keep going. Both styles work very well with me – they are my life long parents after all – and they always give me the little push I need to keep going.
  4. Know when enough is enough – So its 2 in the morning. Your exam is at 9. You’ve been studying for the past four days straight. Enough is enough. It is time to go to bed, and get some sleep before the exam. Plus, during your really busy weeks you’re probably going to need energy for the next paper, quiz, or exam.
  5. Order a pizza – This is one of my all time favorite study breaks! Not only does it give you the opportunity to talk with a couple friends to coordinate your pizza order, but who doesn’t love a good pizza while they are getting some studying done! Everyone knows its nearly impossible to study while hungry, so order the pizza.
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