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One of the many things that Grove City College prides itself in is its plethora alumni connections disbursed throughout the United States. Grove City College is one of the few schools in the nation that has a unique relationship with its alumni, and one of the ways that relationship is maintained is through the Crimson and White Society.

Crimson and White Society is a group of select students on campus that bridges the gap between alumni of Grove City College and current students through on-campus events and meetings with alum guest speakers. This groups of select students works closely with the Office of Alumni Relations and the President of the college, President McNulty. Over the four years that I have been in this group, I’ve been able to make some really great connections and have built a great network of contacts.

Crimson and White offers a lot of unique aspects that many other college groups don’t have. There is an extensive interview process involved before students are chosen to be in the group. Because this group works closely with alumni, faculty, and the president, the group desires to prescreen all applicants before making a choice. Also, the fact that the group is working with alumni more extensively than any other group on campus offers a unique atmosphere to the college experience. Usually every third Thursday of the month, the group will host an alumni speaker to come in and speak about their experiences while they were at Grove City College, their professional career, life after Grove City and some tips for post grad life. These speakers have proved to be really helpful in my planning for post-grad life. I’ve learned a lot from the wisdom they’ve had to offer us and am looking forward to using that wisdom and knowledge in my professional career.

Along with monthly meetings, each member is required to volunteer their time at three campus events of their choice per semester. This includes anything from homecoming registration, to passing out programs at events held by the college, as well as things that are more kid friendly like the annual Santa Breakfast and Children’s Theatre Breakfast. Each event offers a new way to get connected to those who love GCC.

As sad as I will be to leave this group upon graduation, I will definitely remember all that it has taught me in terms of how to get yourself afloat in the real world with a good head on your shoulders. Get connected with an upperclassman to learn more information!

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