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Reel Life at The Grove (1)

Reel Life at Grove City College: A Chat with Ben

Ben is a junior computer science major who is involved in a ton on campus. He is the head of the robotics club, the director of media for and a dedicated player on Grove City College’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and a member of the Alpha Sigma housing group. He is also a devoted student. Ben is a classic “Grove-er achiever,” as we say here at Grove City College.

I wanted to get this interview of Ben out to you, because I think Ben is a great example of how to strike a balance between extracurricular and academic life. He also has a unique attentiveness to and memory of funny class stories. Besides that though, Ben is a great guy and friend to many. He is fully integrated here at Grove City College, to say the least. Before he got here though, he had to make the choice between The Grove and Penn State. I ask him a bit about that decision in this video, so you can understand the reasoning that ultimately led him to decide on Grove City College.

If you are on the fence in your college search, I hope this video will give you some added insight into what campus life can be like here. I also want it to show you a look into the type of student you could be here if you want to. Ben is taking full advantage of his college years, and it is certainly worth listening to his perspective. Enjoy, and if you are interested, feel free to check out other episodes of Reel Life for videos similar to this.

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