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Thomas Andrews

Freshman Profiles: Interview with Thomas Andrews Class of ’21


  • So, you’re a freshman here at Grove City College. How’s everything going, is the school living up to your expectations or what other people told you it would be like?

Yes, the school has been really good to me, my hallmates are really great. All my classes are tough but not excessively so.

  • What’s your major and what dorm are you in?

I’m in Hicks dormitory and I’m undeclared. I don’t know what I am doing yet but the school provides lots of counseling and options. I came in not knowing at all what I want to do, but I have narrowed it down to English with maybe a business minor.

  • Could you talk a little about dorm life in Hicks ?

I was pretty skeptical going in because it was a different environment. But everyone on my hall is pretty great. One challenge I  have come across is constantly having people going in and out of my room. It is not as quiet or private as I expected, but I am glad people want to be around me – it is comforting to never be alone!

  • Grove City is known for a lot of things, most notably it’s beautiful campus, awesome cost-value ratio, and its challenging curriculum. What most attracted you to the school?

It is like an Ivy League in regards to quality education, but it is affordable. With that, I really appreciated the fact that the College considers itself “conservative”. I knew I would feel right at home.

  • How many other Colleges did you look at? And did you want a small school, a Christian school or anything specific, like your college decision being based off your specific major?

I applied to five other colleges. They were all different ranges but I primarily wanted a small school like Grove City College. The fact that professors would know me personally and I could engage in class discussion was appealing to me when college shopping.

  • Out of all the colleges you looked at, what made you choose Grove City; did Grove City have something to offer more than other colleges that you wanted or was it simply where you felt the most called?

I liked the location because it was very far from home. I like cold weather and want to see some snow. The size, like I said before, was also a huge deciding factor. I wanted my professors to know me on a personal level.

  • Alright, we’ve talked extensively about the Grove, now let’s jump into some more general questions. What is the biggest difference for you from high school and living at home, do living in a different state in a dorm?

I feel myself being more independent than when I was at home. I have a lot more freedom to make my own schedule and decide when I want to go out for an afternoon or stay on campus. I really like it!

  • What is the most enjoyable thing about college life?

I enjoy the friends I have made,being on the hall, and the people I have met.


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