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Alumni Profile: Anson Hadley

Anson Hadley

Class of 2017

Biology/ Pre-Med Major

Campus Involvement:

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Tri Beta Honorary Society
  • Tri Rho Housing Group
  • Varsity Diving
  • New Life
  • Mentorship Project

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Anson my freshman year. We were both new to the diving team, him as a senior and me as a freshman. I also got connected with him as he was my mentor in the Mentorship Project, a campus organization that pairs up upperclassmen to underclassmen for mentors in their college lives. Anson joined diving his senior year as a new experience and we both learned how to dive together.

Anson currently attends Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida (are you jealous yet?) after graduating in the spring of 2017. How did Grove City get a New England beach boy to the beaches on the other end on the country? I had the pleasure of talking with Anson on how Grove City impacted and prepared him for his post-Grove City plans. “I would say that Grove City has challenged me to be who I am, not so much who other people want me to be,” said Anson. When it comes to Grove City College’s academic’s Anson said “It’s challenged me academically, which is good for where I want to be now in Chiropractic school.”

Anson also mentioned how Grove City College had an effect on his spirituality, which is not something many people get to have developed in their college experience at other colleges and universities. He mentioned that he came in religious and yes, Grove City College maintained that, but there was a message of “being scared of complacency” that grew inside him that hugely impacted his faith. From the experiences I have had with Anson his senior year and what I have learned from his persona is that he is very outgoing and outspoken with his faith. It is an impact that Grove City College has also had no me. Being a part of a community that is so strong in their faith has made me more confident about who God made me and to not let anything stop me from pursuing God’s destined role for me in the world.

Photos of Florida (I know right!!!)


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