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Fundraising Chairwoman, Julianne Green (left) & Member, Catherine Haas (right)

Petals for Paws: Supporting the Community

When asking a Student Ambassador about how Grove City College feels about the surrounding community, I received a very positive response. The young lady replied, “We value the community of Grove City, and are intentional about having activities which encourage students to become members not only of the college community but the community at large.” With personal experience and research into the mission of Grove City College, here are just a few ways in which the College gives students the chance to take a role in making the community thrive:
• Clubs
• Organizations
• All-Campus Service Opportunities
• Greek Life

We received news of a special fundraiser that benefited the local pet shelter, Grove City Pet Rescue. Every year before Valentine’s Day, the sorority sisters of Sigma Delta Phi sell their sorority flower, the American Beauty Rose, as a means to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. After setting up a stand in the Student Union for a week, the ladies excitedly announced that they had raised over $200 dollars that will go toward decreasing veterinarian costs!

While there is no clear consensus on when this tradition began, the young ladies have supported numerous local and international causes including the American Cancer Society, SHE Thailand, Relay for Life, The Pittsburgh Project, and other local families seeking financial support. Although the fund-raiser has a different cause each year, the reason behind it still remains the same. Rio Arias, the current president of Sigma Delta Phi commented, “We feel that the most important thing we can do is support the place that supports us.” With the sorority motto, “One for all, all for one,” the Sigma Delta Phi sisters hope to encourage and build up their own members to be leaders that give back to the beautiful community they call home.

Fundraising Chairwoman, Julianne Green (left) & Member, Catherine Haas (right)

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