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Reel Life at Grove City College

Reel Life at Grove City College: Music Resources for All Majors

When I was looking at colleges, I expected to be either a business major or a computer science major. Now, I am an entrepreneurship major with a computer science minor – a perfect fit for me. But one thing plagued me about both options: I love music, and neither business nor computer science have much to say about music technique or theory.

In two ways, Grove City College made it possible for me to work with music in my daily life without needing to major or minor in any musical field.

First, it requires all students to take a certain number of humanities classes, and in multiple of mine, I have gotten to work with and listen to music.

Second – and the topic I want to talk about in today’s video – Grove City provides a whole host of music resources to all students in its building called PEW (J. Howard Pew Fine Arts Center).

In this episode of Reel Life, I vlog about a few stand-out resources PEW has to offer for non-music majors.


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