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Inside the Life of a Grove City College Tour Guide

As a tour guide here at Grove City, I am presented with the unique opportunity of working with the College’s Admissions staff on a regular basis. However, the most exciting aspect of being a Grove City College Student Ambassador is meeting and interacting with prospective students every week. It gives me a chance to share some of my wonderful experiences with others who are interested in Grove City.

Tour guides have anything but routine weeks. Each guide has a designated day and time in which they will give a tour once a week to prospective students and their parents. However, Grove City also offers a plethora of event days for students who are interested in a more specialized campus experience. The Admissions Office offers days like Senior Crimson Day, which is specifically for seniors who have expressed interest in Grove City but who may be interested in giving the school one last look before applying. We also offer more specialized days like Music Major Day and Hopeman School Discovery Day. These two events allow students who are interested in more specialized majors to talk with staff, and experience what an average day looks like for a student in that field of study.

This past week, the Admissions team worked tirelessly to put on Music Major Day on Monday, and then organized hosted Hopeman School Discovery Day on Saturday. Tour guides of the school have the distinct responsibility of interacting with prospective students and their families on all of these special event days. The other tour guides and I helped to give our guests a well-rounded view of what life on our campus is like. We did this by not only giving tours of campus, but also by facilitating meetings with department heads and helping the other events of the day to run smoothly. With several more Admission event days to come, every tour guide on campus will continue to work hard on perfecting their craft.

The Admissions staff is always looking for more tour guides who have their own unique skills and stories that will benefit the schools search for students. The tour guides on campus are enthusiastic students and we all love what we do. We all hope that we are able to make a positive impact on prospective students’ college searches.

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