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Faculty Led Study Trips (Part 1)

Grove City College offers unique opportunities to take your learning outside of the classroom. The Office of International Education, along with many professors, work together to provide students with the chance to take classes abroad. While Grove City does provide more traditional study abroad experiences for those interested in doing so for a semester or entire academic year, the faculty led study trips are a shorter and more condensed way to learn in foreign countries.

Professors work with the College to design specific trips that they feel will help to provide the most beneficial learning environment. This is why Grove City is able to offer such a broad range of excursions including trips to England, France, Guatemala, Greece, Italy, Japan, and many more countries. Parents and students may worry about what the costs may be, but Grove City is careful to keep prices as low as possible while ensuring that each trip is a wonderful experience.

These trips are designed to allow students to take up to a three credit class in a condensed period of time. Faculty led study trips tend to be between 10 and 15 day experiences. The goal is to allow students to learn about and immerse themselves in different cultures, while also ensuring that the academic requirements of each course are fully met. Students of all majors have the opportunity to participate – this means students also network with one another and make friendships outside their field of study.

Grove City is actively looking to broaden our horizons in regards to faculty led trips. With new trips comes new opportunity and new corners of the world for students to explore. With chances to go during both the January and May intersessions, every student has plenty of opportunities to partake in one or more of these very impactful experiences. In my next post, I will give an insiders view of what my experience on a faculty study trip was like.

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