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Major Spotlight: History

I spoke with Julia Wooldridge, a sophomore History major, about her experience with the Department of History at Grove City College. She has always had a passion for history, spurred by a childhood love for Indiana Jones, so when she came to Grove City she knew she would study History. She crystallized the major for those interested, and shared some of her favorite parts of the department.

A basic overview of the major starts with the classes. World History I and II are the first core classes for any History major or minor, going over everything from western to eastern history both ancient and modern. The classes then become more specific and diverse, including classes on specific countries and time periods, such as American history, ancient history, early modern Europe, and eastern history.

Each professor has unique knowledge and specializations that bring different views and opinions. Dr. Graham is affectionately considered the ancient history professor, but has a specialization in the late antiquity period. Dr. Mitchell teaches a lot of Spanish and European history, and Dr. Harp is very learned in American history. Julia mentioned that she loves the different frameworks that each professor brings to their classes, and it makes the classes more interesting with different approaches and methods of teaching.

The History major is perfect for bookworms! Julia spoke fondly of the supplementary materials that History majors read in many of their classes that bring diverse positions and thoughts to discussions about historical periods and specific countries. There are not many worksheets or daily homework, but instead class discussions and papers on the historical topics at hand. In terms of how the department feels, Julia said “It is a smaller major, so it is a tight knit community! Even if you are not close friends, there is still a connection there. You kind of know everyone. With professors, it is easy to get close to them because it is so small.” Julia recommends this major is for students who have a love for reading and learning about all different kinds of cultures across time.

If you think that the Department of History may be for you, learn more here!

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