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Video: From Roommates to Brothers – Part 1

Grove City College allows freshman the option to choose their roommates. Most of the time, students change rommates after freshman year. Marquis and Luke are a rare example of roommates who lived together for all 4 years at Grove City College.

Marquis and Luke come from two totally different backgrounds.  In this 2 part video series, they explain how their different perspectives have come together and shaped them into better men in Christ. Click and watch the video to get specific insights on how Luke and Marquis have managed to be roommates throughout college and how they plan to remain as friends throughout their lifetimes.

In this video, Marquis and Luke answer the following:

  1. How did you guys become roommates?
  2. Where have you lived on campus?
  3. Do you have any problems with your roommate?
  4. What are your favorite/funniest memories?

Click here for part 2:

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