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How Greek Life Has Prepared Me for Life After College

Coming into college, I had no expectations of joining a Greek group because I was expecting to be fully invested in playing sports. However, after talking with my friends and going to rush events in the fall, I found that Greek groups here are very different than the stereotypical fraternities and sororities at larger schools.

They are very organized and respected on campus because they put on the majority of the fun events that happen at school. I decided to join a fraternity, and it has thoroughly prepared me for my life after college. There are positions within Greek groups that are voted on and people get elected to. These positions are the same as any other club, with a couple of exceptions. I held the role of Interfraternal Representative, which means that I am the representative for my fraternity at meetings with every fraternity. I had to learn to be responsible for a large group of people and represent the group well. This position is also an executive position within the group, which means that I and four other people are chosen to represent the group at a higher level and vote on important things for the group.

Along with having to deal with a large group of people, I had to plan events for the whole school and make sure that they all ran smoothly. For example, we put on multiple fun events every year, including the Monster Mash dance which is a big costume dance for the whole school. It is one of the largest events on campus, and it is our responsibility to coordinate everything with the sorority we put it on with and with the school so we can follow guidelines. We must be able to work with many different groups and people to coordinate large projects.

Another large reason why I am prepared for life after college was because I had the opportunity to meet and interact with many different people. Being in a large group like a fraternity enables you to become comfortable with dealing with a lot of different kinds of people and interact with different personalities, much like what you will have to do in the workplace. I have also found a great community of people that I would not trade for the world, and I know that they will support me in all my stages of life.

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