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This series is specific to Grove City College and will provide some interesting and, often, little known facts about the College or our students, faculty and staff.

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Opportunities Abound: Working on Campus

Whether you’re paying your way through college or need spare change for a cup of coffee at Beans on Broad, college students tend to have money on the brain. To paraphrase a famous web-slinger’s uncle, with the great freedom in college comes great financial burden. Now, you may be asking “How am I going to […]

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So What is the Food Really Like?

This question is important. You all know that college food will not be like mom’s cooking, but you walk through the doors of every college’s dining hall hoping to find the closest option. The food at Grove City was the best I found on my college visits. Here’s a peak into what I eat on […]

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Sunflower - PJM

Pursuing Truth that Sets Us Free

On a recent family excursion to the Italian countryside, Grove City’s President Paul McNulty came across a lone sunflower standing some hundred yards away from its fellow yellow blossoms in the field behind. Upon seeing this rare floral arrangement, he couldn’t help but think of the Grove City College student—who is equipped with integrity and […]

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A Capital Adventure

  I’m now almost halfway into my third semester here at Grove City College, and the time has flown by! Every semester I am just shocked by the amazing opportunities and experiences that pop up for me. I regularly call my parents and list off a host of new clubs, organizations, volunteer programs, and fun […]

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Will Team Wilson Win it Again?

To most, the name Wilson means little. To someone who has seen the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks, it’s the name of his precious volleyball. But, to the girls who play on the intramural volleyball team “Wilson,” it has a different meaning. Team Wilson is the intramural volleyball team we formed as freshman. We have […]

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