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This series is specific to Grove City College and will provide some interesting and, often, little known facts about the College or our students, faculty and staff.

(30)Freshman Computers

Technology At Grove City

One of the most exciting days of my Freshmen Welcome Week at Grove City College was when I received my laptop. That might sound crazy, but new technology always gets me excited!  All freshman at Grove City receive a technology package that includes a laptop computer, a printer/scanner/copier combo, a backpack, a flash drive, and […]

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RA – Rule Enforcer or Community Builder?

One of the most outstanding attributes of Grove City College is the amazing community we have here. This community building begins on day one, move-in day. Grove City College knows just how important community building is to have a successful and enjoyable four years at school. They understand that community is best fostered when people […]

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gret 4

Alumni Connections: Introducing Gret

  I graduated in 2012, and immediately started working at Enterprise. After a year, I had enough of the typical desk job, and moved to Malawi, Africa. Since moving, 3 years ago, I’ve started an organization that builds houses for orphans and widows called HOWMs, I’ve fundraised $100,000 for an all girls school in a […]

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